Specialist in industrial packaging

Meilink offers seven chain solutions. These are specific areas of expertise in which we offer a unique service in the market: design, optimization, packaging, packing, warehousing, goods dispatching and transport. We offer these Meilink Chain Solutions to our clients both individually and integrally.

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Over 140 years of experience!

Nowadays, with its 300 employees and 5 production locations, freight and transport experts VPS in Rotterdam and engineering firm IPS Technology, Meilink is the market leader in the Benelux.

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Innovatieve verpakkingen solar race 2019

Innovatieve verpakkingen solar race 2019 >

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Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill

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Goods dispatching

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ISPM 15 (video only available in Dutch)

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Meilink intern at HTC

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EED Energy Audit

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Tooling pallets

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Energy advice

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Bart the Mammoth

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Water Systems Manufacturer

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Carbon Footprint 2016

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Solar car safely returned

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Arco: more and more global

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Fragile baptismal font

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Meilink History

Johannes organs

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Solar Challenge: Solar Team Twente

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