Meilink wins prestigious Best Logistics Supplier Award at DISCA’16

Meilink in Borculo won the award for The Netherlands’ Best Industrial Supplier 2016. With that, Meilink won the prestigious Best Logistics Supplier Award DISCA’16. For that achievement, the company gives all credit to the innovative, dynamic efforts of all of its employees. Director Peter Rikken: “This award shows the appreciation of our customers and was earned by everyone working here. We uphold Meilink’s promises together.”

The Dutch Industrial Supplier & Customer Awards 2016, an initiative by LINK Magazine in collaboration with ING Bank, software developer ISAH and the Dutch Patent Agency NLO, were presented for the fifteenth time in a row. Unique to this award is that companies cannot nominate themselves; they have to be nominated by their clients and/or suppliers. That means that Meilink won this award thanks to the overwhelming support of its clients. “It’s the best compliment the people at Meilink can receive,” according to the Meilink board of directors.

Audience has a decisive role

Like last year, the audience at the awards ceremony consisting of managers and entrepreneurs had a decisive role in the final selection of nominees. They were able to choose between two finalists presented by the jury (Chairman Henk Volberda, Professor at Erasmus University and John Blankendaal, Director of Brainport Industries) and used their smartphones to vote for one candidate.

Pitch by Meilink client very much appreciated

The DISCA has three categories: Best Knowledge, Best Logistics and Best Customer. In the category Best Logistics, 30 companies made it through the first screening. This category focuses on delivery reliability and smart logistics. After a detailed assessment, five finalists remained, of which Meilink and Vedos received the best jury scores. After two live pitches by nominating clients, the audience made the final decision and Meilink won. Director Peter Rikken of Meilink was pleased with the result. “Absolutely. We create added value for our clients. We are very happy with their appreciation. It’s very special to hear our client IMS in Almelo speak so highly of Meilink in their pitch. We are a down-to-earth family business from the Achterhoek, and it is quite moving to know that our clients have such positive experiences.”

Laudatory jury report

The DISCA jury praised Meilink: “Supplier of packaging and transport services in the broadest sense of the word. Exceptionally capable of transporting complex, very fragile products from their clients to the end customer safely and quickly. The company develops solid, protective custom packaging, provides transport documentation and internal transport and knows the infrastructure in distant countries. Highly flexible; unburdens its clients. Quickly adapt their production and service in the event that the client is too early or too late. They aren’t the cheapest supplier, but they are exceptionally capable of completely unburdening the client, resulting in a low integral cost price. Peter Rikken: “That last part in particular precisely sums up what Meilink does to make the difference.”


With 350 employees, five production locations, freight and transport experts VPS in Rotterdam and its own engineering firm IPS Technology in Eindhoven, the 142-year old family business Meilink, originally from the Achterhoek, supplies the exporting manufacturing industry in the Benelux. With the seven Meilink Chain Solutions, Meilink is able to safely package, transport and store practically anything: from complete milk robots to airplane wings, from refineries to organs. Meilink’s 24/7 promise? Securing value. This was communicated to the market with the theme: Any challenge, any time.