Arco tables, more and more global

Bob Lebbink, Director of Operations at Arco: “Our internationalisation calls for a packaging partner like Meilink”

Arco, a 112-year old family business from Winterswijk, develops and produces design tables of the highest possible quality. For high-quality packaging of its products for customers in the US and Australia, Arco called in Meilink. Bob Lebbink, Director of Operations at Arco: “Meilink is a partner who can play the international game in our world-wide business market with us.”

Bob elaborates on the Australia assignment: “We never delivered that far away before. The customer and their architect selected two of our products to decorate their main office: the Arco Base table and a multifunctional acoustic workspace. We involved Meilink at an early stage of the design and the production of the packaging we needed. Together, with the use of their knowledge and skills, we created an optimal packaging that offers full damage and weather protection during the long journey.”

Perfect protection: “Our compliments go out to Meilink, because everything arrived in Australia unscathed. You see, our products fall into a high price point and we’re dealing with large amounts as well. In short: we are sending something of value over the ocean. That’s why we work very closely with Meilink.”

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Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

Meilink designed an optimal packaging that offers full damage and weather protection during the long journey. After all, this logistics mega trip to Australia involved all kinds of climate conditions, like high humidity and high temperatures. Arco has found a very skilled partner in Meilink, who packages their products in specially designed containers. In the design stage, we went through a detailed search for an extremely high-quality packaging that is moisture-proof while also easily offering shock absorption and vibration prevention. In this process, we explicitly focused on the fact that the harbours where our packages are unloaded upon arrival do not always have the right unloading and hoisting facilities. That is also the case with some Australian harbours. Our design ensures that the products can be handled safely and properly at those locations. And finally: the Meilink packaging design offers not only perfect protection, but also a professional look. It perfectly matches the look of the packaged product. A match Meilink made on purpose to give the contents and packaging one unified look & feel for the end customer.

Arco is known for its services for mainly industrial-functional products. With this assignment for Arco, Meilink also shows it adds value when it comes to lifestyle and design products. Meilink especially proved its added value for Arco by its optimisation of the handling stage in which everything for Australia was packed on location in Winterswijk based on an optimised packaging that did not require many hands and tools.

The actual packaging and climate-proof vacuum-packing of the products in the crates for Australia is done by Meilink at Arco, together with Arco colleagues.

That is where Meilink’s job ends. The end customer, or their specific logistics partner, then communicates closely with Meilink for all subsequent logistics steps after packaging.