ATAG heating

If you regularly go to trade fairs to display your heating units, it’s handy to have a smart system for transporting them. ATAG Heating therefore presented Meilink with this challenge of designing practical, custom ergonomic containers. Thanks to Meilink Chain Solutions, this was achieved without a problem. Because at Meilink, we say: Any challenge, any time.

Walter Markink at Meilink Borculo explains: “Normally, the heating units are packaged in cardboard when they go to the consumer. That’s not very handy for a trip to the trade fair: the units have to be repackaged at the end of the day and the standard cardboard packaging doesn’t really allow for that. So ATAG Heating asked us to think along with them about a handy alternative.” 

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Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

Then the Meilink specialists went to visit the factory. We took a look at the units and listened to the wishes of the people that display the demonstration units at fairs. Based on that, we designed eleven handy trade fair containers. At first it was about the body, the container itself. Then we received various heating units and custom made the interiors of the containers for those units. Upon ATAG’s request, we designed maximally reusable packaging. ATAG can use these to package their very valuable and fragile demonstration units for trade fairs. These are then transported to the fair in question, unpackaged, repackaged after the fair and then stored at Meilink in Lichtenvoorde. Ready to take on the same logistics route for yet another trade fair, anywhere in the world.

The result? Easy to transport, maximally reusable multiplex containers on wheels. Since multiple demo heaters are shown at once, Meilink made them easy to stack on top of one another. With slots on top into which the wheels of the top container fit perfectly. The practical handles are ergonomically designed and the container itself has a so-called hat structure, making it easy to open and close. Inside, there is enough space for two people to lift the heating unit out quickly. All in all, it’s the perfect way to package and transport demo units with a minimal risk of damage. Trade fair after trade fair.