Sturdy storage containers for Enerpac customers

Develop a sturdy, practical, and attractive storage container in which Enerpac can transport its hydraulic equipment all over the world and which end customers can use to store their equipment for a long time. Yet another one of the many challenges client Enerpac Ede successfully outsourced to Meilink. It was a great assignment for a loyal, valued client whom we have worked well with for years, just like with the other Enerpac locations.

Worldwide, Enerpac is a big name in the development of hydraulic equipment. This equipment is used in construction, industry, infrastructure, chemistry, petrochemistry and offshore. The container was created for a one-time Mix & Match offer, where Enerpac Ede customers can select a torque wrench and a generator with a matching hose and hydraulic oil for free. All of that is then packaged together and transported to the Enerpac distributors who deliver the packages to the end customers.

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Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

The challenge was to design a shipment package that also met the strict requirements for a storage package for Enerpac customers. After all, the end customer does not use the Enerpac hydraulic equipment all the time and wants to neatly put it away when it isn’t in use. That was not a practical problem, thanks to Meilink’s smart design. Based on these customer wishes, Meilink designed a packaging prototype: a practical flight case, in the right dimensions, with wheels. This flight case has a handy hat structure. That makes it very easy for the end user to ergonomically lift out the often heavy hydraulic equipment, and put it back again when they’re done. In short: Meilink goes very far in thinking along in the process.

After the design stage, we made a prototype. Because no matter how good the design; clients often want to really feel and see the item before actual production starts. Following approval of the prototype, Meilink then produced a total of 110 shipping/storage containers in three batches for the Mix & Match campaign. The actual packing was done by our client Enerpac. That was made easy by the thorough preparations based on the Meilink Chain Solution Design.