Integrated Mechanization Solutions

Integral application of six Meilink Chain Solutions for Integrated Mechanization Solutions (IMS)

Integrated Mechanization Solutions (IMS) is a valued relation Meilink has had the pleasure working for for a long time. At the moment, IMS uses six Meilink Chain Solutions for the relocation of a dozen large machines.

IMS in Almelo, which originated from Texas Instruments, develops and supplies production machines, especially for precision assembly. One example is the full-automatic production of a tiny component for use in smart phones. These micro-components have to be assembled extremely accurately and also very quickly. IMS’s machines are used all over the world, for example for the assembly of parts for cars and smart phones. Customers from countries such as China apply the high-performance technology provided by IMS.

Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

Meilink is currently packing up a dozen IMS machines for transport by air to end customers in China. Those machines came in both long and short versions. The long versions, for instance, measure up to 5.70 x 1.25 x 2.75 meters and weigh approx. 4 tonnes each. Each machine is fully packed up by Meilink, in packaging material also designed by Meilink. In this case, sturdy spruce wood cases. These cases have the specific characteristic that they retain their longitudinal stiffness.

All the cases are manufactured at Meilink Borculo.

Before, Meilink would package the IMS machines at their premises. However, IMS needs the available space for its projects and does not have an overhead crane for this type of heavy lifting. But mainly, IMS wants to keep its clean production environment that way: clean. For that reason, it has been decided that this batch of machines is packed up at Meilink Borculo. It also helps that these machines are nearly identical. A special steel transport frame has been developed, on which the machine can safely and easily be buffered and secured. The machine ready for shipment is picked up in Almelo by a carrier, brought to Meilink Borculo and packed. This way, IMS can keep its own production areas clean and available. The machines are packed in such away to absorb shocks. They are also sealed in aluminium foil, with the addition of drying agents, and Meilink places shock and tilt indicators.

During this project, there is constant consultation with IMS about the planning. The three milestones of collection, packing and air freight can be subject to change. Meilink can deal with any changes because of the flexibility of the Meilink Chain Solution Warehousing. We safely store the packed machines until further notice.

Meilink continuously consults with the customer about these project milestones. For example, we continuously provide IMS with the best flight options. Does IMS make a specific choice for the shipment? We can then make sure the packed machine are transported from Meilink Chain Solution Goods Dispatching to Schiphol for dispatch according to the arrangements made.

Transport to the Schiphol takes place on demand, after which the machines are dispatched by plane. The machines are shipped over a period of six months. The cases are delivered to Shanghai Airport by Meilink and picked up by the customer. The shipment is fully arranged and supervised by Varekamp Project Services.