Tooling pallets for Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport bv

Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport bv in Ruurlo works for multiple global A-brand manufacturers that make copiers and multifunctionals. They safely store these new appliances for these manufacturers at their gigantic location in Ruurlo.

Eijgenhuijsen transports these to the copier manufacturers’ end customers. They often also collect the old copiers that are replaced with the new ones. These valuable appliances used to be fastened with straps to the inside of the trailers in Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport lorries. Logistically, it was a time-consuming process. It also did not offer the fragile copiers the best protection. In consultations with Meilink and with the use of the Meilink Chain Solutions Design and Packaging, we developed a successful tooling pallet.

Not only does this allow for fully protected transport and delivery of the copiers to the end customer; it also allows for many more copiers to fit in one lorry, due to smart dimensioning. The tooling pallets are also presentable and last a very long time. Marcel Reurink, Managing Director of Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport: “This Meilink solution has shortened and optimised our logistics chain. In the world of transport, that is incredibly important since these kinds of cost savings substantially contribute to the target yield.”

Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport: specialises in fragile equipment

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Independent family business Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport in Ruurlo has specialised in precision transport of high-quality appliances in the broadest sense of the word for over 100 years. Marcel Reurink: “That includes copiers, multifunctionals, printing appliances, medical equipment, cooking and kitchen appliances, IT equipment, imaging equipment and more. We totally unburden the client. We do any required preliminary research, appliance assembly, pre-installation of software and, if needed, obtain licenses for transport and unloading on site. When it comes to logistics, we completely unburden our clients. In addition to a warehouse and our own large vehicle fleet, we also have a workshop for performing all preparatory technical work on the appliances for our clients so that we can deliver them plug & play to the end customer. We also refurbish the appliances we collect. In our appliance transport, we have focused on customer satisfaction, efficiency and corporate social responsibility for over 100 years. We know that what we do today affects tomorrow. For people, planet and profit. Within the sustainable supply chain, we therefore like to take the lead. We have to, to live up to our status as National Supplier.”

Efficient tooling pallets

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Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport packages the appliances in tooling pallets, also called pendle pallets. Marcel Reurink: “Once we’ve fully prepared and installed an appliance for transport to the end customer, we put it on the tooling pallet. That saves us a lot of loading time in the evening shifts when we send out the lorries. Then all the tooling pallets with appliances are loaded into the lorry with a forklift or pallet jack. The smart 80cm width allows for exactly three tooling pallets to fit in the lorry side by side, with optimal loading and the tooling pallets are secure without any room for movement. We also load and unload en route. The tooling pallets were optimally designed for that: you can easily get them in and out of the lorry. At the destination, we use the pallet jack to get the

Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

Eijgenhuijsen presented the basic idea for the tooling pallet to Meilink. Walter Markink, Packing Specialist at Meilink: “We elaborated on that with the Meilink Chain Solution Design. It was a team effort between us and Eijgenhuijsen. It was a special that falls under Meilink’s category of Multiple-Use Sustainable Packaging (MUSP).” Walter explains the design: “One upstanding side of the tooling pallet can be folded down to make a sturdy loading plate to roll the copier onto the tooling pallet on its own wheels. A beam on the floor of the tooling pallet across from the loading plate prevents the copier from rolling too far onto the tooling pallet and pushed off the other side. This beam also serves as a support for when the empty tooling pallets are folded and stacked. After loading, fold the loading plate up. Two other side panels have an adjustable slope. With a width variation of 250mm, the slope setting for these two side panels are adjustable so that they hold the copier in place in the tooling pallet. Sturdy felt prevents damage where these side panels hold the copier in place. Then a tie down strap around the tooling pallet secures the contents even more against the side panels of the tooling pallet.”

The panels of the tooling pallets are made of sturdy birch multiplex. This wood is harder, more solid and lasts longer. Meilink can also refurbish the tooling pallets to continue to use them longer. Walter Markink: “It’s also a sustainable solution, since the tooling pallets are designed and built to last years.”

After an initial delivered series of 100 pieces, Meilink’s tooling pallet was recently optimised based on the Meilink Chain Solution Optimisation. The dimensions on the 400-piece second series was adapted after two years of practical logistics experience with the tooling pallets at Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport. Walter Markink: “The dimensions on the first 100-piece series were large and intended to house all sizes of copiers. However, Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport only packages and transports a limited number of large copiers. It was decided to make the second series of pallets a bit smaller. These are still large enough for 95% of the copiers of Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport’s clients. And this smaller size also allows for more efficient loading of the lorries. The (5%) larger-size copiers that stick out a bit on the pallets can also be transported with this first version tooling pallet.”

Some other aspects were also optimised in addition to the changed dimensions. The side panels were simplified, resulting in a production advantage for Meilink and allowing for pre-programming the positions of the closures to be assembled later on in the milling programme. This makes the closures themselves easier to assemble in a later production stage. And finally: another advantage. The first version offered Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport the option to print its name and logo on the wood of the tooling pallets, but the second, improved series of tooling pallets allows for an even chicer option. Marcel Reurink: “In a milled and thus somewhat sunken space on the sides of the tooling pallets, we can apply an aluminium plate displaying our name and logo. Optically it looks better, it’s less prone to damage and it’s easier to clean than the previous print on the wood itself. Plus: the tie down strap around the tooling pallet can be run through behind the name plate and remain in place. All in all, it’s far more representative of our company. With that, Meilink has upgraded each pallet we use to deliver to customers to a great promotional tool.”