Solar Team Twente

Smart transport box for solar racing car

Solar Team Twente consists of students from Saxion and University of Twente. They took a year off school to put all their inventiveness and power of innovation in the development of a solar race car that runs on 100% solar energy. Meilink is happy to be a part of this ambitious project. The challenge? How to ensure that these precious hi-tech cars make it to their destination on the other side of the world unscathed? At Meilink, we say: Any challenge, anywhere. So we achieved that goal through the integral use of all Meilink Chain Solutions.

Since the first solar car was introduced in 2009, we have ensured that hi-tech cars reach their destination in one piece. Ready for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a 3000-kilometre race straight through the Australian outback.

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Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

To start, the experienced Meilink product engineers worked with the participating university students to draw up an extensive list of functional specifications, requirements and wishes. A joint starting point for creating the perfect design. With this step, the prototype for the car was calculated to the last detail. Then our experienced design team optimised a maximum use of the interior of the transport box. The unique part of this assignment was that Meilink and the Twente Solar Team went through the entire logistics chain step by step. From concept stage up to and including delivery of the solar car in the far outback of Australia. Both the packaging and all subsequent logistics stages were fully coordinated to one another based on that. That also rose the question: how to get the solar car out of the plane in the distant, excessively hot Australia and what will we encounter during the transport over land? The theoretical and practical knowledge of all parties involved then formed the input for the proposed Meilink Chain Solutions.

Meilink also provided advice on the best size for the transport box. The weight has to be suitable for air freight transport, but afterwards the box also has to fit in a sea container for the return trip. We optimised the materials required do so. This means the forklift will be able to move the transport box under all conditions, for both sea freight and air freight.

Perhaps the most important part of the solar car is the lightweight top, full of solar panels. Very fragile. We therefore took precautions and put a number of stacked spare tops in as well.

Meilink uses every square inch of the transport box. In addition to secure transport, it is also a mobile workplace in which we store spare parts. The camping gear for the Solar Team Twente is also stored here. It’s amazing how much you can do with so little space.

With the Meilink Chain Solution Warehousing, we ensured that parts of Nuna were collected and stored until everything was complete before shipping it all at once. Of course, Meilink also temporarily stores the transport box manufactured for this purpose.

With this Meilink Chain Solution, Meilink kept a large number of spare parts in stock. Ready to be packaged and sent at lightning speed at the desired time, all the way to Australia. This gave the Solar Team Twente the guarantee that their challenge would be able to take place, no matter what.

Australia is very strict when it comes to letting packages into the country. Meilink left nothing to chance in this area either, and met all local laws and regulations. You can be sure that our transport boxes containing your valuable goods will never be stopped.