VMI Group

Cutting costs with smart packaging

Meilink constantly offers the capacity to quickly respond to the ever-changing market in which VMI Group, world leader in tire manufacturing machines operates. The challenge for our client the VMI Group? How to adapt the size of its machines through modular construction to fit within the maximum loading size of containers? Thanks to the use of five of the seven Meilink Chain Solutions, this challenge was successfully met. Because at Meilink, we say: Any challenge, any time.

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Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

With this Meilink Chain Solution, we thought long and hard about the best way to pack the VMI Group’s machinery parts into a container. To do so, we applied standard and practically proven Meilink design elements. That design expertise was employed to design the ‘overall logistics vision’ for the client. One machine line consists of eight containers. The Meilink design ensures that the modular parts of this complex machine line are packed in the container in exactly the right order. That is essential, as it precisely facilitates the most efficient unpacking and assembly on site, upon arrival.

Meilink advised the VMI Group to adapt the size of its machines through modular construction. Meilink then took a critical look at and optimised its own design. After a thorough inventory of the transport and the end user’s requirements, we were able to draw up an optimisation. The result? Maximally economic packaging, requiring fewer containers.

The machines in the container are secured on skids. Designed and produced by Meilink in such a way that we can make the best use of the available space in each container in every situation. That also means major space and cost savings for the VMI Group.

The machine parts were packaged moisture-proof and fume-proof. Drying agents can also be applied to enable preservation. That is of major importance to the VMI Group, as Meilink packs machine parts and then stores them (for long periods of time), until the VMI Group requests to have them taken out of storage for transport. These applications prevent moisture and fumes from doing any damage. This also enables storage in countries with extreme climates. All of available space in the containers is used, as Meilink packs all small parts underneath the machines.

Meilink also offers the option of temporary storage of the VMI Group’s perfectly preserved machine parts. With that option, the VMI Group can quickly respond to market demand. Because once a machine line is complete, it can be shipped all at once. With the guarantee that proper packaging prevents any form of surface rust and corrosion. In other words, we give the transporter a perfect delivery!