Welding Engineers

Goods Dispatching the Meilink way: 100% care-free logistics for Welding Engineers

For more than 20 years, Meilink has been coordinating a special logistics process for Welding Engineers Ltd., based in Geneva. This process is called Meilink Goods Dispatching, or: Project Dispatching. The essence is that Meilink takes over all logistics handling processes from Welding. This means that Welding does not have to invest in its own logistics organisation, physical locations and related staff.

Welding Engineers Ltd. designs and sells so-called rubber extruders. The company based in Switzerland receives orders for these machines from all over the world. Welding’s designers and engineers develop these rubber extruders in Geneva. The actual machine parts are produced by various European suppliers.

Meilink Chain Solutions in practice

Meilink also designs and produces the packaging for the overseas destinations of these parts. They comply with the most stringent requirements for maritime transport.

Meilink uses proven and tested packaging that it designs and produces itself. Are new parts for the machines in the pipeline with, for example, different sizes or packaging requirements? The designers of Meilink will then design a new packaging based on the Meilink Chain Solution Design and produce it as well. Some parts to be transported are very large and do not fit in a container. Meilink optimizes the packaging, so that they can use standard containers or Flat Rack containers as often as possible. An excellent example of the Meilink Chain Solution Optimization.

Meilink also designs and produces the packaging for the overseas destinations of these parts. They comply with the most stringent requirements for maritime transport.

As soon as the delivery date requested by Welding approaches, the packaged parts will be ready, including all the required documents.

Meilink Raamsdonksveer receives the so-called purchase order lists from Welding. These specify which goods are purchased by Welding. They do this at different locations in Europe. Meilink will then organise the transport from the various suppliers to Raamsdonksveer based on the Meilink Chain Solution Transport. Meilink Raamsdonkveer is the central collection point for all the necessary machine parts. In other words: Meilink Chain Solution Warehousing. On arrival, Meilink checks the goods for completeness and damage and compares them with the purchase order lists of Welding. Meilink then draws up a detailed stuffing report for Welding. Meilink also registers what enters the warehouse. In the report, Meilink also specifies how the goods have then been packaged on the basis of the Meilink Chain Solution Packaging: the type of crate, case or on a skid. This in combination with information on the weights and sizes once the goods are packaged. Meilink exchanges this document with the customer.

Meilink’s Goods Dispatching therefore saves the customer the investment in a physical logistics operation, jobs and costs. This enables Welding to operate optimally lean and concentrate on its core business, together with its compact team of designers, engineers and project managers.

Meilink packages the parts as efficiently as possible and loads the correct sea containers. Other logistical modalities are also used, such as road or inland waterway transport. Meilink and its sister organization Varekamp Project Services take care of shipping the goods to the end user. From Russia and India to China. In short, a good interaction between the Meilink Chain Solutions Design, Packaging, Packing and Transportation.