Carbon Footprint 2016

Meilink goes for sustainability all the way. With its vision, but also with concrete plans, we make our processes, production and products as sustainable as possible. And that also applies to things like our buildings and locations, and the use of sustainable energy, where possible. An important assessment of this is the annual Carbon Footprint Reports. This report indicates our CO₂ footprint for all kinds of focus areas, or scopes, in a particular year. The result for 2016 are in.

We want to be transparent about our activities to our surroundings. We are involved in the CSR goals in the industry and those of our clients. Since 2013, Meilink calculates its CO₂ footprint to constantly work to reduce its CO₂ emissions and to provide interested parties with insight into our activities. We have contributed to these goals with the 2016 Carbon Footprint Report as well.

Total direct CO₂ emissions down

Scope 1 covers direct CO₂ emissions: natural gas used for heating and the use of fuel for our own vehicles: in 2016, this was 1,443.5 tonnes of CO₂, in 2013 (the reference year) this was 1,607.5 tonnes of CO₂. There are some differences. Compared to 2015, gas consumption went down in Borculo and Boxmeer, but increased in Edam, Raamsdonksveer and Schijndel.

 Indirect CO₂ emissions down as well

Scope 2 covers indirect CO₂ emissions: this is energy consumption and also business flights, business trips on public transport and business trips made by private cars: in 2016, this was 757.8 tonnes of CO₂, whereas in 2013 (the reference year), this was 782.9 tonnes of CO₂.

Energy consumption

Compared to 2015, energy consumption went down in Boxmeer, Edam and Raamsdonksveer and increased in Schijndel and Borculo. The highest reduction can be seen in Boxmeer, as a positive result of installing solar panels. We’re on the right path, but what is good can always be done better. Meilink has now installed 440 new solar panels on the roof of the packing hall in Borculo. These have generated energy since 1 October.

All questions are welcome

This item may raise questions about our sustainability. Your questions are of course very welcome, and can be sent to Ms Frederiek Rikken-Rengers. She is a corporate lawyer at Meilink b.v. and can be reached at +31 (0)6 51135419 or at