EED Energy Audit inspires Meilink to make a stronger effort in sustainability

The government requires companies with a certain revenue and with a certain number of employees to undergo a so-called EED Energy Audit once every four years. Of course, the focus is on sustainability and saving energy. Due to its size, Meilink falls into this category. This energy audit provides an overview of all existing energy flows and describes the main factors that impact energy consumption, such as machines. The recent EED Energy Audit sees Meilink not only as a requirement, but as an extra base for determining the measures we will have to take in the four years to come to reduce our energy consumption even more.

An EED Energy Audit no longer only looks at the big numbers when it comes to energy consumption, but goes down into details: where exactly in the company does that energy consumption take place, who are the users? Meilink applies a broad perspective. From lighting and machines to mobility. With our core question: where can we achieve extra savings in the next four years?

Top 10 new measures

In the context of this energy audit, a sustainability advisor at Meilink recently measured all locations to determine what exactly makes up the energy bill. After consulting with Meilink management, his findings led to a top 10 of measures to be taken to save even more.

Intrinsically motivated

The law requires us to undergo an EED Energy Audit every four years, but at Meilink, we don’t see the audit report as a document to be put back in the filing cabinet for the next four years. We are taking this opportunity to actually take a good look at the results of the report.  Not just because we are required to do so by law, but because of our intrinsic motivation to make all of our processes as sustainable as possible. One of the focus points for 2018 is involving employees in this energy saving process. Their awareness, cooperation and insights are essential in making Meilink even more sustainable.