Energy advice

Ben Dull, Energy Advisor at Meilink: “I dare say that Meilink is active at the frontline with its sustainability approach”

Meilink takes sustainability seriously. We work closely with Ben Dull from Deventer. He advises and supervises Meilink from his company Energie in Actie in the reduction of energy consumption. Ben Dull: “Meilink doesn’t see this as something ‘on the side’; it integrates the concept of reduced energy consumption in all aspects of its actual business model. That’s good work, and making sustainability as important as a good business case. It’s a pragmatic approach to sustainability and it prevents disappointment.”

Ben Dull: “We are showing that lower energy costs can still mean equal or improved comfort. As an independent company, we assess the realistic options for reducing energy consumption, clean energy and clean materials. The company, school, office or city in question wants results and defines the framework; we ensure that it is actually feasible. That is the mission of Energie in Actie.”

Company-wide sustainability effort


Ben Dull has advised Meilink since 2011: “At first, I was asked to make Peter Rikken’s electric car run fully on solar power. I provided broader advice for that request, focusing on the use of sustainable energy throughout all of Meilink. With a focus on optimal energy-efficient offices for Meilink. Then together, we visited all of the Meilink locations and first concentrated on the low-hanging fruit: how can we achieve a better heat output with less heat loss? And how can we ensure that employees in a hall are comfortable in their work space without heating the entire hall, etc. I provided answers to that, highlighted some aspects and provided points for attention. From those first activities, I also got involved in other things at Meilink relating to sustainability, like installing solar panels, purchasing LED lights and the transition to smart meters.”

Balance between sustainability and good entrepreneurship

Ben Dull Social

In Ben’s view, energy efficiency should not be an independent action; it should also be justifiable from a business perspective and integrated: “Meilink wants to contribute to environmental preservation, but at the same time maintain its good entrepreneurship. I help to structure that balance and we continue to work on that. Together, we look at energy-saving measures from a business perspective. That means trying to optimally balance the turnover and the required costs. For Meilink, we do have focus mainly on its company facilities, and not on its actual provided services.”

Sustainability anchored in Meilink DNA

“I prefer to provide advice based on a few scenarios because then, the client better understands why a certain sustainable scenario is preferable. I include the client in this decision-making process; that is very important to me. Clients appreciate that and the approach works,” Ben says. Meilink is leading in this: “Meilink is a pearl in my portfolio. Sustainability is really anchored in their DNA, even before I advised them. And slowly but surely, we are increasing sustainability together, where possible and always at natural times. I dare to say that Meilink is active at the frontline with its sustainability approach.”