Sponsoring Nuon Solar Team

Sharon van Luik of the Nuon Solar Team from the Delft University of Technology: “We love working with partners that can flexibly and quickly play into developments, and one of those partners is Meilink”

On the Nuon Solar Team from the Delft University of Technology, Sharon van Luik is in charge of marketing, PR and partnerships. Sharon is also the driver of the team’s solar car: “You could definitely call the relationship we have with Meilink very sustainable. 

Flexible collaboration

“Our collaboration with Meilink is very pleasant and professional. Their approach seamlessly matches the way we go about our work. Our approach is to flexibly play into each challenge and obstacle in this project, and we very much see the same attitude at Meilink. We only have a year to build the car. That’s a very short amount of time. Building, testing and racing all has to be done within that one year. That made us quite difficult to work with, since everything has to happen very quickly. We love working with partners that can flexibly and quickly play into developments, and one of those partners is Meilink.”

Versatile explanation of sustainability

Of course, the Solar Challenge is all about sustainability: “From the start of our collaboration with Meilink, this was an immediate topic of conversation. You tend to want to work with a partner more when they also operate from a sustainable base. An example? We make a different car every time, and Meilink then adjusts their packaging from the previous Solar car to match each one. That in itself is very sustainable. The packaging they design and use for us is created and manufactured as sustainably as possible and thus suitable for multiple uses, and can eventually be recycled. A whole other form of sustainability in our collaboration is that Meilink knows exactly how to deal with the extremely strict border security in Australia. This prevents problems with the demanding customs in Australia when bringing in the Solar car. For example, the crate containing the solar car has to be made of a special kind of wood, and Meilink is an expert in that. This prevents problems in our project and thinking along with us is another sustainable aspect of our collaboration.”

Recognition in Securing Value

Sharon relates to Meilink’s motto: Securing Value: “It’s all about preserving the value of the products that are transported in their packaging, like our Solar car. We have now acquired a lot of knowledge on Solar cars; we were the first team of students to win the World Solar Challenge right away. We try to include all that knowledge every year, e.g. by consulting with old team members when developing a new Solar car and this year, even taking them with us. We also cherish our loyal partners and sponsors, like Meilink, as well as friends and family. That attitude can also be called Securing Value! We relate very well to Meilink’s motto, because we put it into practice ourselves.”

Any challenge, any time

Sharon has a similar feeling with Meilink’s slogan ‘Any challenge, any time’: “Our Solar team is also constantly taking on every possible challenge. Just like Meilink, there’s no challenge we won’t face. Take the regulations for this year: now I - as the driver - have to be able to handle the entire car by myself, whereas we used to be able to do so as a team. Also, in this edition the solar panel had to be reduced by half the size. All of these were challenges we took on by being inspired by Meilink’s slogan “Any challenge, any time!’’ Our transport challenge is colossal, for example. We are literally handing over our product and trusting each link in the subsequent process that Meilink is also part of. We all have faith that they will rise to the challenge again this year!”

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