Sponsoring Solar Team Twente

Gearte Nynke Noteboom, Communications Manager for the Solar Team Twente: “Everything in the Solar Challenge is about sustainability, so you look for sponsors that focus on this”

On 8 October 2017, the Solar Team Twente will be at the start of the World Solar Challenge in Australia for the seventh time. This time, it’s with the solar car called RED Shift. Gearte Nynke Noteboom is the Communications Manager for the Solar Team Twente: “We see Meilink employees continuing to challenge themselves and that’s exactly what our team does too!”

“We will be going to Australia in three shifts, and the first group will be scouting the race track beforehand. So far, everything is moving along according to plan. At the official festive presentation of the RED Shift in July at the Twente air base, Meilink helped us a great deal. And now they’re helping us again with the transport box for our solar car. We haven’t had any problems, basically. The Meilink team we are working with on this sponsor project has also put in major effort and has a positive attitude. They don’t count the hours; they don’t leave until the job is properly done. And that is precisely Solar Team Twente’s attitude, so we are 100% on the same page.”

Sustainability as a link in collaboration

Sustainability is an important element in our collaboration: “For example: this year, we have the same transport box as we did in the previous edition. Meilink also designs and builds transport boxes for us in which you can take all kinds of things as efficiently as possible, while at the same time using as few materials as possible - that are recyclable as well. That is a great form of sustainability that Meilink applies. The goal of our entry in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is to make a fundamental investment in sustainability. That’s why you look for sponsors that focus on this.

Recognition in Securing Value

Gearte Nynke recognises Meilink’s motto: Securing Value: “It sums up in two words exactly what Meilink does. Meilink specialises in that and also lives up to these two core words for us in practice. That is why we feel good trusting them with our solar car RED Shift. And Meilink’s slogan ‘Any challenge, any time’ is a perfect fit for Solar Team Twente. I was on Meilink’s production floor when they packaged our solar car. I asked whether a certain option would be possible and they gave me a surprised look. Their reaction was: anything is possible here! The Meilink culture is to make every challenge possible, whenever and wherever needed. We see Meilink employees continuing to challenge themselves and that’s exactly what our team does too!

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